I have wanted to read these for so long. But, I tell you… I hate, loath trying to figure out the order to these convoluted series. So once I found the Dr. Fell website, In Loco Domini, I saved that list and slowly started to build my library so I could read them. Then, yesterday I was in the mood for a short, raunchy BDSM, and I thought I’d try to read Pet Sitting. Now… I’m addicted.

So, as far as I can tell I’m reading them in the right order, though it’s so hard to figure out where to get some of these stories (I suspect I’m going to have to buy the paperbacks, but that’s okay :D). And I’m really loving them. I don’t know what I expected exactly. Maybe I’m a bit thrown off BDSM after trying to read Submission, the first book in the Deviations series. I had a hard time with that book and I still haven’t finished it. It seems to clinical at times and I can’t really get into the relationship. So I was delightfully surprised at much of a character study these stories are — in bits and pieces — of John Fell. I like his character and the slowly building world of characters around him. I just finished reading Exotic Pets, the second book in the Lost and Found chaser series, and I really like how the author added the more lighthearted side of the community that’s being built. I’m so excited to read more!

I know a lot of you have read these. What do you think? Are you fans of Dr. Fell? And remember! I’m spoiler-phobic and pretty early on in the series (Fell just met Tommy and they’ve made a 6 month contract), so don’t spoiler me!