I LOVE corn. Seriously, it must be the southerner in me, or being a boy of the plains, but I’ve always loved corn. I’ve only made risotto a few times. It really isn’t that hard to make, though your arm gets tired from stirring. I’ve made porcini and morel risotto a few times, one of the only dishes that I can stomach mushrooms. And I always use at least 3 times the amount of cheese because, come on. But corn risotto? I don’t know why I never considered it, but it is definitely going to be made by me sometime soon!

I saw this recipe on The Kitchn, which I’ve been reading like crazy ever since I got to know Chris and seriously read Linkity (sorry Chris, it was always so long!) But now I know which parts of Linkity to look at first and the recipes was one of them :)

So, here is the post about Sweet Corn Risotto at The Kitchn, and here is the recipe by Melissa Clark at Food & Wine that is listed in the post.

Also, here’s another recipe (at glutenfreegirl.com) I found that uses corn stock (made from the whole cob) instead of chicken stock.

Has anyone made anything interesting lately???? Share!

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