Happy Weekend everyone! It’s hot, AGAIN, here in the middle of America. The heat is once again making me sick and forcing me to suddenly re-implement the siesta. I swear that temperatures of 110 are unnatural, which is what we’ve been seeing in Oklahoma this week. So I hope that the rest of you out there are cooler than I am.

I’ve been reflecting a lot after hearing the sad news out of Denver. For the most part our relationships online, through blogs and our little community, is mostly anonymous, and I just want to say that I hope all of you out there are safe and happy. When things like this happen it makes all of us quiet the white noise in our lives for a minute and take a look around, and one thing that always bothers me about feeling so disconnected from most of you is that I’ve come to care about a lot of people online — reading buddies, authors, other reviewers, all book lovers like myself — and by the nature of that anonymity, I wouldn’t know what happened to some of you if you stopped showing up online. This is why it makes me so sad to see people tear each other apart over the internet, which we’ve seen a lot of these last few weeks, when I’m more concerned with the fact your absence, whoever you are out there, would be missed if anything happened to you. So I just want you all to know that someone cares.

In other news, I have a great announcement for something that’s been in the works now for a couple of months. We have a new contributor to the site! Read below for more… but I promise you it isn’t a reviewer :)

This Week’s Wrapup

I’ve been totally addicted to the Falls Chance Ranch series this week, but I have gotten some reviews in during that time. What I’m loving so much about the western serial is the fact that it has become a refuge and real treat for me to read. It’s long, so it will be something that I can read a bit of every day and keep enjoying for as long as possible.

Here were last week’s reviews:

A Companion to Men (Iskryne World #1) – Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear (Me Like)
Come Cuddle Me – Missy Welsh (So So)
Sin & Salvation – Laura Baumbach (Pretty Good)
Falls Chance Ranch, Book One – Rolf & Ranger (LOVE IT!)
Faithless – Missouri Dalton (So So)
The Machinist – Gryvon (Me Like)
A Recondite Matter – GS Wiley (So So)

Yesterday, I also reviewed the Dreamspinner time travel story Judgment by Mary Calmes at Brief Encounters Reviews, which I gave a C+ rating.

Winner of The Wish Giveaway

Last week, Eden Winters graciously offered to give away a copy of the second release of her book The Wish, which was published yesterday from Dreamspinner. Congrats to Trix, who won! The drawing was done last night using Random.org and numbers were assigned by order of comments (minus reply comments). Remember, winners are given 48 hours to respond to my email (already sent), or I will be forced to draw again for a new winner.

Dreamspinner is also currently offering a free copy of Valentine Wish, one of Eden’s sequel stories to The Wish.

Coming Up This Week – July 22-28

Blaine D Arden is stopping by next Friday, July 27, for the Aliens, Smith and Jones blog tour. She’s written up a really funny and quirky post that only makes me want to read this book more — which is really saying something considering I’ve been excited about this book for several months now! Don’t visit for that.

Aliens, Smith and Jones was released yesterday from Storm Moon Press!

I am reading a few books this weekend that I’ll hope to share with you next week, including the sequel to A Companion to Wolves that I reviewed this week, and hopefully finishing the second Falls Chance Ranch book, Three Traders. Here are some of the reviews to look forward to in the near future:

Contributor Announcement!!

I have a very, very special announcement to make! I started this blog as a primary review blog for m/m romance, but also as a personal place to talk about food, music, hot guys and knitting and other yarn crafts. Sadly, the last has been really lacking so far. I chalk it up to the fact that I just haven’t been knitting that much lately, but there is one person I can always count on to talk yarn, and she’s going to be starting a new column here at The Armchair Reader this week and every month following.

For all manner of yarn queries, funny tales and patterns, please welcome Josephine Myles! She’ll be posting a monthly column starting this Tuesday, July 24 and continuing on the the 4th Tuesday of every month. Her first column is tentatively titled “Confessions of a Shameless Yarn Slut”, which you have to know is going to be amazing ;)

This Week’s Releases

Some interesting books coming this week, including one that I simply must read because mentions Oklahoma. On top of that, the 4th Lost Gods book by Megan Derr, Poison, is out this week!!! In order of books in the series, for me they went, great, AWESOME, great… so by my reckoning this book is bound to be AWESOME!

Here’s the rest of what’s catching my eye this week: