Title: Three Traders (Falls Chance Ranch #2)
Author: Rolf & Ranger
Publisher: Published Online (see link above)
Length: around 200k ??
Genre: m/m/m/m/m Western Contemporary BDSM Romance
Heat: 2 – Romantic & Tame (Mostly Fade to Black)
Sex Frequency: 2 – Few and Far Between
Keywords/Tags: Serial (Complete), Free, Online, Cowboys, Mental Health, Polyamorous, BDSM, Gold,
Rating: LOVE IT!!

**This Review contains spoilers for all those who haven’t read the first book of Falls Chance Ranch**


We left the end of book one as Dale became an official part of the relationship between Riley, Flynn, Jasper and Paul. Three Traders picks up right where the first book left off. Dale has come back to Falls Chance Ranch following his first time back in New York City after his recuperative therapy at the ranch and his epic breakdown. Dale thinks that his dissatisfaction with his old life will keep his three weeks in NYC quitting his job and moving to Wyoming from changing him, but he quickly finds that that isn’t the case. He’s slipped back into old patterns of obsessive and perfectionistic behavior. Besides, he comes to learn (or Flynn tries to drill into him) that moving to the ranch to be with the men is really like starting over. Before, he was a client and focused solely on bettering his own behavior and learning new methods to cope in life, but entering as part of a relationship opens up whole new areas Dale has no experience with in life, namely commitment. And that is a whole different beast for Dale, still a bit shell shocked by normal, every day interactions and his own head games.

On top of this Dale, Riley and the guys stumble upon a bit of a mystery that needs to be solved, linking the ghost town of Three Traders to the ever present reality of the ranch’s past owners, David and Philip, two spirits of the ranch land that Dale desperately needs to feel connected to in order to tell himself that he belongs on the ranch and in the family.

I need to admit something. Last week, when I reviewed the first book I talked extensively about how amazing the slow pace works for this story — to wade through the deep characterizations as well as Dale’s numerous mental health issues — and partway through this book I felt a bit hypocritical. I started getting a bit dispirited while reading, thinking not more of the same problems! At the end of the first book i was so happy that these problems were treated so in depth and given so much time to work themselves out. It is something that is given a much more real to life pace. Part of this is that I’m reading these stories back to back, so there is significantly slower change like most serials that are meant to be read by installment.

Then, something magical happened. The pace of this story started to pick up with all kinds of wonderful little sub plots (the mines, the town, all the new characters coming to visit!) and I could see that this second book was going to be a story all of it’s own. Yes, it continues the first, but it goes further. No matter how much I love these guys, I wouldn’t have been able to handle another book one over again with the same issues. I don’t know why I lost faith, perhaps because I continually don’t know what to expect from these books, but I am so happily surprised by the turns this story took and I was present for every bit of it, unable to put it down for other things. Now that I’ve finished this second book, I can see how it has built steadily over time, a story arc for the book independently, and a separate overall story arc that is very ingrained into the story and so naturally slow at progressing (which I was so happy about above).

I finished this story feeling like the first book really served as a foundation, in a way a prequel to this story. Where the first book was an in depth exploration of Dale, this book really set out to explore their overall relationship, something that I was insanely curious about. The first book barely even touches on their relationship. Besides the fact that there is no sex, there’s barely even any kissing or mention of private time. This book allowed us to peek a little more into what they do and how they interact behind closed doors now that Dale is properly a part of it. We get a lot more detail about the characters and their history, which really pleased me and helped me to get to know them better. They’re also becoming a lot closer as a 5 person unit, with a whole new dynamic now that Dale has joined them, and I loved seeing them explore that and finally settle into it by the end of this book. It made me instantly want to see where the third book will go and once again, I doubt I’ll get any other reading done in the next few days. I probably won’t even be able to go to bed tonight without at least starting Mustang HIll.

This is definitely one of those reviews that I can’t stop gushing in, but that’s okay I suppose. I’ve been reading these books totally hooked, and to be honest, that doesn’t happen much anymore. I read a lot of wonderful books but perhaps because I’ve read so much of this genre, I feel like something has to really be different and have a lot of charm for me to feel this wonderful feeling reading. It is something that I only remember from when I first started reading in this genre and reading about gay men in (happy) love felt so wonderful to me as a form of fiction and literature that I’d never read before. This series feels like that to me, and when I finished Three Traders, I felt like I just might like this book even more than the first.