Hello again everyone, and I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Thanks again for bearing with me — I’m just about caught up with most of what I let fall behind when I was sick last week, and I’m working on some more reviews now for next week.

I don’t know what to do about the recent discussion about the use of copyright in blogs going around. Thanks to Tina, I read the article several weeks ago and have been trying to come up with some way of either altering Monday Men and Hump Day, Hump Day or finding a new weekly post to bring the hot men to the blog in some way. Honestly… I still don’t really know what to do. Being sick was the main reason that I haven’t gotten those posts up in the last couple of weeks, but this has also been an issue, one which I didn’t have the time or patience to puzzle out while I wasn’t feeling well. I don’t want to do away with Monday Men, but that one is the one that will be most affected. HD, HD could always subsist on links to free videos, and while it isn’t quite aesthetically pleasing to the post, it gets the content across. So this week, there won’t be any of those weekly posts — maybe for a few more weeks. I’ll keep you all updated, and hopefully I can come up with something even better that is satisfying all around ;)

This Week’s Wrapup

Just had a couple of reviews this week. Check them out if you missed them!

Killer in Wolf’s Clothing by Kelli A Wilkins – So So
Circuit Theory by Kirby Crow & Reya Starck – Pretty Good

I reviewed Changing the Guard by Peter Hansen over at Brief Encounters yesterday. It was one of the stories part of the Weight of a Gun anthology by Storm Moon Press. I enjoyed it and gave it a B. Check out my review.

I’ve been reading some other stuff which I haven’t reviewed this past week, some of which I’ll be talking about soon. I read Alike as Two Bees by Elin Gregory earlier in the week. Jen reviewed it recently and her review intrigued me. I really liked the story and it was a treat to read.

I suppose reading Falls Chance Ranch recently has made me want to read more serials, because I’ve read parts of at least three in the past couple of weeks, some with more success than others. This week I’ll be writing my second Currently Reading post since I started the blog, and it is all about Matthew Haldeman-Time’s LONG serial, In This Land (here). An evolving story that I was immediately addicted to, I started reading it in January and recently read what had been updated since then. Other serials I’ve started recently are Captive Prince by freece (here) and The Invisible Chains, Book 1: Bonds of Hate, the first book of Andrew Ashling’s fantasy, Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse (read the first 12 Chapters here).

Coming Up This Week – August 12-18

This looks like it is shaping up to be another reviews-only week, though I will have more reviews for you this week. In the works are:

This Week’s Releases

Looks like a slow week! There seem to be a few here and there that I might be interested in after I see some reviews, but nothing new this week that I will automatically buy! Does anyone see something coming out this week that they can’t wait to read??

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a nice week to come :)

Over and out.