Tomorrow at Laddie and Laura’s awesome blog, JC Lillis will stop by and bring the totally awesome characters of Bran and Abel for an interview with the ladies! Be sure to stop by and check it out because I know it will be totally awesome:

If you don’t remember, last month How to Repair a Mechanical Heart (my review — at the bottom / Laura’s review) totally blew up when JC Lillis took a chance on putting her book up on Amazon. It is Contemporary YA and it seriously rocked our boats when we read it, we couldn’t stop texting each other about how awesome it was and how in love with those two we were and how much they made us laugh, lol. The book really is super awesome and I encourage you all to read it.

So, please check out their site tomorrow so you can get a teaser into the guys, or if you have read it, an update on their lives in college!

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