Well, how did that happen? I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done in the last month and now here I am, ready and gung-ho to get the show on the road and… it’s Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. I mean… I love the food at Thanksgiving (I’m drooling over my future allotted share of candied yams), but I have to say that usually Thanksgiving is a big trial in my family. It isn’t horrible, but… I also don’t get super excited to see most of my family, and some of them I dread seeing. But, I’ll be there with a giant bag of empty tupperware and my lips zipped shut (after this past election, it’ll be worse) and visions of hot guys dancing in my head so I don’t have to listen to half of my family. *sigh* So, tonight is my first Thanksgiving day with one side of my family and while I love the food there and will undoubtedly be in a coma this evening, I’m not really that excited about it. For those of you Americans, how do you feel about Thanksgiving? Gotta love the food, I’m sure, but do you have the same sort of trials with your family that make it a less than stellar holiday? Or does Black Friday excite you more? :) Not me! That’s my day to completely avoid stores!

In other news, this has been a bitch of a week (and a half). On Wednesday I told you all about how I’d been sick. Thankfully, I started feeling a little better Thursday morning, only to be startled out of my sleep by an explosion in my back yard. It was so loud and it really freaked me out at first. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything too serious, but the transformer at the back of my property blew and took out the power to the whole neighborhood :( So, I had to spend all day dealing with the power company and didn’t get the electricity back on until Thursday night, at which time, I felt totally sick again. I just needed some rest though, and I started feeling a whole lot better yesterday and now I’m just about as good as new. So thank you all for your well-wishes! I really appreciated them :)

This Week’s Wrapup

Not a whole lot happened this week, due to the sickness. Both Nikyta and Sadonna have also had rather hectic schedules to deal with. Can’t you just feel the stress ramping up to the end of the year? Thanksgiving, Black Friday, then holy crap the whole month of December — GAH!

We did have one review this past week, woo! Check out Nikyta’s review of Sex and the Single Zombie by Cassandra Gold, which she rated Pretty Good.

We also had Lisa Henry stop by on Wednesday to promote her Warriors of Rome release from Riptide, He is Worthy. She wrote a rather funny post about some obscure gods with less than exciting jobs and is giving away two of her ebooks along with a $10 Riptide credit among the tour.

Coming Up This Week – November 18-24

The blog tour for Mayon, Mickie B Ashling’s newest release, will stop by here on Monday, the 19th!

We definitely will have a lot more reviews this coming week than the past few weeks. Even though it’s the week of Thanksgiving, we’ll be here with bells and whistles on. Staying mostly in bed this week meant that I got started on a LOT of reading I’ve been meaning to do, both for reviews and for fun. I’ll have reviews of several of Less Than Three Press’s The Bestiary stories, Amy Lane’s latest Knitting book, A Knitter in His Natural Habitat, and Making Ends Meet by SL Armstrong and K Piet, as well as some others.

For fun this week, I read Tinnean’s Spy vs. Spook series and then I finally read the Tarin’s World books by Syd McGinley, which I’ve been intending to read forever. And they really, really lived up to my expectations so I’m super excited to share my reviews with you of Out of the Woods and Twice Caught.


Everyone should check out this book! JC Lillis’ How to Repair a Mechanical Heart. Laddie and Laura interviewed the lovely and hilarious author as well was the boys from the book, Bran and Abel :) Click the pic to be taken to the interview! and if you haven’t read this book yet, please do!

This Week’s Releases

Here are this week’s releases I’m looking forward to!