Title: Hold Still
Author: Megan Derr
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Length: 13,500 words
Genre: m/m Fantasy Romance
Heat: 2 – Romantic & Tame
Sex Frequency: 2 – Few and Far Between
Keywords/Tags: The Bestiary, Short Story, Unusual Creatures, Royalty
Rating: Pretty Good


Esen has spent his entire life an outcast, and he threw out his last chance at fitting in when he broke the engagement his family worked so hard to arrange. Sent to the royal palace to fulfill one last duty, he counts the hours until he is literally left homeless and destitute. But hiding away in the royal garden, he accidentally overhears a private conversation and meets the mysterious Queen’s Man …


Esen is a Slyph, a wind elemental, about to lose his home and place in society. He was sent away to live on Mount Chiron with an old maid as a child because of his weak and frail nature, and only in the last few years called home and made into a proper Slyph. Only, he can’t seem to be what they want him to be, and others continually rebuff him. To make his situation worse, he’s called off the arranged marriage his parents set up with a wealthy and connected Lord, and now he has no home to return to after the Harvest Festival at the palace.

But when Esen overhears a conversation including the Queen’s mystery advisor while hiding in the garden, he finds that he might have a purpose and future after all…

I was excited to get the second and third bundles of The Bestiary for review, and of course the first one I opened was Megan Derr’s! I found this story to be quite cute and a typical fantasy-slash-fairy-tale type story that was in line with much of this author’s previous work. As a fan of those cute short stories, I lapped this one up. And while it may not have been the best of her stories, or my favorite at least, I still really enjoyed it :)

Fans of the author will like this story, and while I wouldn’t call it a Fairy Tale, it does have that somewhat sweet and innocent tone to it which I always love reading. So I would recommend this one, but know that I’m biased to like this author’s work :) I just always seem to love her stories. Regardless, anyone looking for a light and short fantasy story with some interesting creatures should give this one a try.