I got my flu shot, a couple weeks ago (thankfully), and it seems like just in time because I think my whole family is getting sick. Just after our internet fiasco, where the mutant squirrels chewed through the cords and we had a heavy rain and zap, no internet, this comes along. On top of that, the internet is apparently not really fixed, because I can’t do much more than email and loading easy pages. It’s so super slow. I can’t stream any videos and I can’t even add pics to WordPress right now, which is limiting my ability to get our already late Favorites of 2012 out to you and why this post is so sadly bare *boo*

So, please bear with me while I get everything sorted! I’ve read some books over the last week that I’m going to be reviewing and I’ll try to get those to you this week and next week. Hopefully the mayhem will be short!

Upcoming Reviews

My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! by Wade Kelly
Divisions (Out of Position #3) by Kyell Gold (which is coming out soon!! and is super good!)
Love You Like a Romance Novel (The Missing Butterfly #2) by Megan Derr (long awaited!)
Olives for the Stranger (Have Body, Will Guard #4) by Neil Plakcy (this has been out a while, but I hadn’t read it yet, and I LOVE this series)
The Other Guy by Cary Attwell
Art Criticism by Blue GhostGhost

Upcoming on the Blog / Updates

I’ve been talking to Nikyta and Sadonna about some things we might like to do this year, including some special review weeks. Julie does this quite a bit over at JoyfullyJay which is a lot of fun (check out upcoming Jock Week!), and while I don’t think we’re going to go all out or anything, it would be fun to do a week of reviews for free books or serials or something like that. What do you guys think? Ideas? Things you’d like to see reviewed more than the usual?

Similar to that, and this is something I haven’t really talked about with anyone yet, would anyone be interested in doing some group reads? Every January thru March I get a little bogged down either with m/m or with the typical releases and I try to read something a bit different. In further years past, that was Harry Potter (again, because you can never read it enough), LOTR (ditto), or War & Peace (which, while many of you might not agree with me, is ditto again). There are also some other m/m things I’d like to read or read over again, I just wish I had more time. So if anyone wanted to joint me to read, say Matthew Haldeman-Time’s In This Land serial (still WIP, but I love it anyway) or, I don’t know, even just a normal sized book, but something a little different. I was thinking of reading Bloodraven again sometime soon if anyone needs someone to hold their hand ;) There’s lots of stuff I’ve yet to read that I might be interested in too. What do you guys think? Any Ideas? Good idea, or no?

As far as the next couple of weeks, we are having quite a few visitors for Guest Posts, Interviews, and Blog Tours!

1/15 – Anne Tenino is stopping by to talk about her book, Too Stupid to Live.
1/18 – Gryvon will be here answering all my questions in an interview that I hope will be really wonderful! I’ve grown to really like this author, so I hope to convince some of you to read her work.
1/28 – Heidi Cullinan will stop by to talk about Dirty Laundry, the novel expansion of her free short by the same name that I LOVED. I can’t wait to read this book and hear more about it!
1/30 – The Storm Moon Press staff will be at TAR to celebrate their 3rd Birthday! This will also be their third stop here this month ;)

And lastly, I’ll try to make a note about this again and post it around the blog pages, but we’re slowing down right now on taking review requests, just because we’re all trying to get through our backlog of reviews. The holidays really caught us by surprise and we’re working through the ones we already committed to.

So long for now — Please leave us feedback!