2271Wow, it has been forever since I did a Weekend Update post. What has gotten into me? I’m still trying to get back on track actually. I mean, it all started with getting behind from our couple of weeks off in October but that also being during a heavy publishing period. So many good books came out then, and it didn’t let up for the rest of the year. So the reviews started to pile up and we just couldn’t say no for a few more months, of course! Then, the holidays (boy am I glad those are over!) and then this month of sickness and internet troubles. So far, things have slowed down and I hope they have for all of you as well. I hope the new year is treating you right and things are looking forward and positive for all of you. I’m definitely looking up, and though I’m still suffering through extremely slow internet, I’m trying to work around it ;)

In a general knitting update, Cel sent me the yarn she already had for the Damask pattern and it’s gorgeous! I’m hoping to get started on it soon, but I have to finish up my sister’s gloves first (I’ll try to get some pics up of those soon) and finish up another pattern that’s almost done now. But I can’t wait to get started on Damask. Not only is it a little different for me (lace!) so I’ll have fun stretching a different set of knitting muscles, but Cel had planned to substitute the 7-stitch nupps in the pattern with beads and I’ve never done any beading in my knitting before. So I’m really looking forward to that. Also, gracious woman that she is, she sent me some other yarn in the package and it’s beautiful! Here’s some pics of the silk blend that will be going on the needles for her shawl soon.

and here’s a pic of the gorgeous beads. They’re a bit of a mother of pearl sheen that’s really beautiful in the light.

As soon as I have something to show you, I’ll do an update post! Hopefully I’ll have a nice swatch in the new couple of weeks :)

This Week’s Wrapup

Image 3We had two great events this week, in case you missed them. On Tuesday, Anne Tenino stopped by to talk about the long process it took to design a cover for her latest book, Too Stupid to Live. I loved the various pics she showed us and how the cover slowly became what it is now — a truly great cover. I know it’s been the thing that immediately drew many of you to her book, and I completely understand why. It really comes across with the appropriate spirit of the novel and it seems to have Sam’s quirky voice. Today is the last day for you all to visit and enter her giveaway for a crocheted penis! Make sure you email her the answer to her question in the post (hint hint… it’s in my review on the same day) — the directions are all outlined in the post.

themachinistGryvon, the lovely and talented author stopped by on Friday to answer my questions about her, her writing, and the differences between writing for publishing and for fanfiction. I really love this author’s work and encourage you all to read the interview if you haven’t. It might interest you in her stories as well! Also, comment on the interview to win the grand prize in Storm Moon Press’ month long Blog Tour — a book a month all year of their releases in 2013.

Here are all the reviews from last week:

My Roommate’s a Jock? Well, Crap! by Wade Kelly – Pretty Good
Too Stupid to Live (Romancelandia #1 / Whitetail #3) by Anne Tenino – Really Like It
The Buchanan Letters by Neil Plakcy – Pretty Good
Winter Games by Kyell Gold – LOVED It!
Science Friction by Kyell Gold – Pretty Good
Divisions (Out of Position #3) by Kyell Gold – Really Like It

Coming Up This Week – January 20-26

We don’t have any special visitors this week :( That is, not until next week when Heidi Cullinan visits for a guest post about her upcoming Riptide release, Dirty Laundry a Tucker Springs novel, as well as a visit from the staff of Storm Moon Press as they close out the last week of their massive 3rd Anniversary Blog Tour!

I do have a TON of reviews finished (or well, half finished. I read them!) and ready for you this week. So here’s what you can look forward to: