2274Hello everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend and a very nice Valentine’s Day. Did you do anything special for your SO? Or did they do anything special for you? Or are an anti-Valentine-r? I don’t really give a shit either way, plus I have allergies and don’t really care about chocolate. You know the only thing I really like about Valentine’s Day? Valentine Cards. What ever happened to giving out Valentines? Why is that only a thing for kids? I think we should all start doing it. I’d love to get a Valentine card, just a hey, thanks for being my friend card. I don’t care if it has Ariel or Power Rangers on it. Well, nowadays it would probably be Spongebob or something… I have no idea! Any parents out there have any clue what the popular cartoons for Valentines are these days? I’m curious.

So I say, next year send someone a Valentine. Or have a Valentine making party. Just don’t forget to invite me!

This Week’s Wrapup

Did you miss any of the authors that visited this week? Kim Dare and Cari Z stopped by to talk about their new work.

OnceABrat_500x750On Valentine’s Day, Kim Dare stopped by TAR to talk about her new Riptide release, Once a Brat. In a post titled “First Impressions” she asked if readers believe in Love at First Sight and talked about how that question relates to the BDSM community. It’s not something that I have really thought of before, so it’s an interesting post! Click here to visit. Check out my review of Once a Brat here.

cambionYesterday, Cari Z graced us with her awesome presence to talk about the new serialized fiction she’s writing for Storm Moon Press, Cambion: Dark Around the Edges. Her post, titled “Ready, Set… Hook!” is all about the important first episode and what you can see if you read hers. I reviewed this short story, the first episode of the serial called “Heaven’s On Fire”, last week and really enjoyed it. Click here to see my review, and click here to see Cari Z’s post!

Here are last week’s reviews!

Italian Ice (Precious Gems #2) by EM Lynley – Pretty Good
Fragile Bond by Rhi Etzweiler – Really Like It (Nikyta)
Vestige by KJ Pedersen – Not Feelin’ It (Sadonna)
Heaven’s On Fire (Cambion: Dark Around the Edges #1.1) by Cari Z – Really Like It
Duanta Beads (Quantum Residue #1) by Jackson Cordd – Really Like It (Nikyta)
Lavender Skies (Quantum Residue #2) by Jackson Cordd – Pretty Good (Nikyta)
Once a Brat (Kinky Cupids #1) by Kim Dare – Pretty Good
The Dog in the Mist by Sylvia A Winters – So So (Nikyta)
Tow Blow by William Maltese – Not Feelin’ It (Sadonna)
Poacher’s Fall (Midwinter Manor #1) by JL Merrow – Pretty Good
Keeper’s Pledge (Midwinter Manor #2) by JL Merrow – Really Like It
Halloween Trick by Julia Alaric – Pretty Good (Sadonna)
The Glass Coffin (Dance with the Devil #1.5) by Megan Derr – Pretty Good

Coming Up This Week – February 17 – 23

We’ve got two more awesome authors visiting this week:

ScrewingTheSystem72lgJosephine Myles is stopping by on Tuesday the 19th to talk about her latest release from Samhain, Screwing the System. If any of you missed the free short story by the same name this is your chance, as the novel is an expansion of that story. Jo is going to be giving away a choice of one book off of her backlist to a commenter as well as a chance to win a suede flogger made by her very own self as a grand prize! Click here for more info about the other stops on the tour!

FragileBond_150x300BadgeThe next day, Wednesday the 20th, Rhi Etzweiler will be here to talk about Fragile Bond and the writer’s soundtrack, all about the music that inspired the novel. This blog tour has another really great prize — Rhi is giving away a custom made bookmark to the grand prize winner (and it’s really beautiful!). Here is the place to go for some more info about the other stops for Rhi this week.

We’ve got lots of reviews coming this week, as usual. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to:



I’m looking for guest posters here at The Armchair Reader. The topic is wide open, but I reserve the right to veto your choice if it doesn’t go along with the blog, of course. That means, however, that there are quite a large list of topics you can talk about.

I’m looking for authors, readers, bloggers, publishers — anyone who wants to talk about or promote anything related to m/m romance is welcome. Blog Tours are always welcome and I’d love to have a spot on yours if you’re putting one together!

Alternately, if you want to talk about something other than m/m romance, I’d love to hear your ideas! Josephine Myles does an awesome column about crochet/knitting and other fiber arts here on the 4th Tuesday of every month, but I’d love to have some crafters among our community stop by and talk about what they’re up to. Any chefs/cooks/bakers out there? You don’t have to be professional because I’ll listen to anyone talk about food at ANYtime, lol. Send me your ideas at armchairreader[dot]coleriann[at]gmail[dot]com, I’d love to have you!

Here are some of the authors I have scheduled already for March and April: AF Henley, Talya Andor, Madison Parker & Sarah Black. I also have feelers out with Poppy Dennison and Mary Calmes.

This Week’s Releases